Italy Discovery #2B: Two Groups Become One

We are all so happy to finally be in Italy. We checked in with Sarah Gabriel and Ellie Kauffman to get the scoop on our first couple days.
Welcome to Italy! I (Sarah) came from the UK and Ireland trip. We arrived in Milan after a short and easy plane ride and immediately drove to the hotel. We got to the hotel at around one in the morning and went right to bed. I (Ellie) was on the Spain trip, and we had a slightly longer but still easy trip to Italy. We got to the hotel around 11 pm. Both of the groups met the next morning when we traveled into the city. Integrating our groups was difficult at first, but we’ve already made new friends! 
In Milan, we walked around a really pretty cathedral and had a lot of free time to get lunch and look around. Today, we’re leaving for Venice. On the bus, we listened to some Romeo and Juliet themed songs in preparation for our short visit to Verona. At Verona, we walked around the really old city and visited Juliet’s balcony and got a surprise tour of the Verona synagogue. After lunch and a quick bus and train ride, we arrived in Venice. In Venice, we took a scenic gondola ride and got some authentic pizza. 
We can’t wait to see the rest of Venice and Italy and Slovenia! 

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