Italy 2B: By Slovenia

Bye Slovenia!  Today, we left magnificent Slovenia to head all the way to Florence. 
This morning we stopped at the most visited cave in Europe in Postoinsja! We took a train down more than 100 km. It looked like a Disney ride and was so cold inside. It was a nice break from the heat. Yesterday, we hiked up to Castle Bled and then went swimming in the lake below. We couldn’t believe how clear the water was. 
Some of us thought we saw a shark, but were quickly assured it was just a trout. After a bit of a drive, we went to the capital city, Ljubljana where we took turns doing awesome escape rooms. All of us escaped in under 60 minutes. We spent the night outside of the city and all hoped we could stay in Slovenia a little longer. Right now, we’re making our way to the Gelato Museum in Bologna. Can’t wait to see how the gelato gets made and even get to try some! None of us can believe we’re already halfway through our trip. Got to get all our souvenir shopping done quick!

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