Italy #1: Quick Dip in Slovenia


It was just two days since our last update but it feels like so much more because of all the things we’ve done over the past two days. The Slovenia experience was simply fantastic. The scenery, white water rafting, Lake Bled, Castle Bled and everything else in Slovenia was just so mesmerizing. Below you’ll find a summary from two of our participants for the last two days from their point of view.


To be able to walk up bled castle to overlook lake bled was a moment I know I will never forget. The long bus ride, and tiering walk up was just like always, worth it all. These are the moments we often take for granted. I ask myself, when will be the next time I walk up a castle to see the most breathtaking view of what looks like a movie backdrop consisting of crystal blue water and the tallest of mountains? For me, most likely never. And that is why this trip is inspiring me to live in the moment. To not waste a second complaining about this or that. After we hiked up the castle, we took pictures and then we hiked down. this was the longest staircase I have ever been on. It was insane! But again, it was worth it all. As we enter the bottom there is the most amazing swimming pool, perfect to cool off in. As I peaked into the water you could see these huge fish which were definitely scary but I was not going to loose my opportunity to swim in SLOVENIA! So my best friend and I counted to 3 and that my friend was not just beautiful to look at but was amazing to be in also. There were so many other options including going on boats, paddle boards, kayaks and diving boards.

After we swam, we went on the water slides and had lunch which was overlooking the mountains and lake. don’t worry our adventures for the day was not over yet. As we excited lake bled, we had some free time as the first half us went to an escape room. Escape rooms are amazing team bonding games which I felt brought us even closer together. And if you’re wondering, ALL of the teams escaped. We then headed back as we got ready to move to our next hotel. There truly has not been a bad day here. – Julia Gray


Hello all! Yesterday was Tuesday July 2nd and we had a full day of fun! We started the day by waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, and getting on the bus with our suitcases included. We then proceeded to head towards Florence where our first stop was underground caves. We explored those for about two hours on a guide lead tour. (Don’t worry we weren’t running around underground tunnels unsupervised). After lunch in the area, we got BACK on the bus for a six hour bus ride! Sounds boring but when you sing, dance, eat food, and bond with new people, it is tons of fun! On our six hour journey we ran into some traffic so we stopped at a gas station where we proceeded to get more snacks and use the restroom. After being on the bus for about two hours we had reached our second to last location for the day but in my eyes the best one! It was… the GELATI MUSEUM!!! We learned about the history of gelati, the evolution of the gelati machine and all about the gelati courses that they offer. We ended the tour with a cup full of free gelati! 

After we left, which was very sad, we got on the bus, one final time, to go to the hotel. When we arrived we headed straight for dinner and then we had an activity directly after it. On the bus we all sat with a new person and learned three new facts so we shared them during this time. We then headed off to bed to get a full nights rest for the next full day of fun! xoxo, Annie Rose Weinstein ps hi mom + dad i love/miss y’all but am having fun!

Your staff! 

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