Israel Journey #5: We Made It!

After 10 hours on a plane, we finally landed in the land of Israel! The adjustment to the time change and the warmer temperature was a challenge, but we are staying hydrated and using sunscreen (our staff won’t let us forget!). We kicked off Thursday morning at Neot Kedumim Biblical Park. This is a unique nature reserve near Jerusalem in which all the plants mentioned in the bible have been planted. The staff at the Biblical Park take on groups to teach them about the initiatives of the park, while also leading group activities for leadership development and bonding. Through herding goats and using teamwork to get water out of a cistern, we learned leadership skills, such as the importance of listening and how situations require us to lead from behind. We then planted trees for future generations of Jews traveling to Israel. 
Following a tasty buffet-style lunch provided by the Biblical Park, we traveled to the City of David, the oldest part of Jerusalem. We trekked through Hezekiah’s aqueducts, and, although it was dark, wet, and cramped, it was a really cool experience and very refreshing! Our walk was followed by our first entrance into the Old City, where we explored the Southern Wall Excavations at the Temple Mount. We were not in the Old City for very long, but we are looking forward to exploring it more tomorrow. 
We are enjoying our trip so far, and we are eager to explore Israel further! -Aiden Ehrenreich, Joshua Goldberg, and Jared Silverman 

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