Israel Journey #5: Kabbalah Days

Our itinerary is so jam packed that sometimes it’s hard to remember what we did even yesterday! We started Monday with touring the mystical city of Tzfat – the home of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, which uses mainstream and obscure texts interpreted in unorthodox ways to reveal teachings that are otherwise unknown. We met with Avraham Lowenthal, originally an American who became fascinated with Kabbalah as a young adult, and moved to Tzfat to pursue his study of Kabbalah and a career as a local artist. We then ate lunch and browsed the market in the old city of Tzfat.

After lunch we headed to rafting on the Jordan River, which ended with a ropes course park and fresh-cooked pizza on the bank of the river. The next morning, we said goodbye to our home for the past 4 nights – Kibbutz Afik. We loaded up the bus and drove to the city of Karmiel, where we volunteered for the morning with Pitchon Lev. This organization collects food and clothing to be distributed among families in need throughout the Galilee. We sorted clothes to be distributed among these families, and made food care packages that included beets, chickpeas, eggplants, canned food, and more. We then ate a shawarma lunch as a group and headed to a local spring to play around in some water on a VERY hot day.

We finished our day by driving up to Rosh HaNikra; Israel’s northwestern tip and the closest Israelis (and tourists) can be to Lebanon. That concluded a long and hot day, so we headed to our new accommodations in Akko, where we will continue the rest of our Israel Journey. 

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