Israel Journey #5: Jerusalem “The City of David”

Hi parents!! We have been having a blast in Israel. On our first full day in Jerusalem, we planted trees and learned about how king David established the first capital city of a Jewish state – the city of David. We also visited the Western Wall which was a very meaningful experience for all of us. This week, we also celebrated our first Shabbat together at Kibbutz Afik. We lit the Shabbat candles and sang the Shabbat blessings to begin what would be a meaningful Shabbat. The gorgeous kibbutz has a pool and a basketball court which we enjoyed on our day of rest. Saturday night, we had Havdalah and spent the night in the Kinneret dancing on a private boat cruise.

Today, we started the morning off with a water hike in the Nahal-zavital canyon. The contrast between walking through the cool water and the intense heat from the sun was amazing. Then we went on an off-road Jeep tour through the Golan Heights. During our tour we learned about the history of the Golan Heights, their capture during the 6 day war from Syria, and their strategic military importance. This was followed by a delicious dinner in a Druze village, and where we learned about the Druze religion through a Q&A with a leader from their community. It has been a busy few days but we’re having an amazing time, and can’t wait for what tomorrow brings!

  • Sol, Danielle, and Ruby
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