Israel Journey #4C: Tikkun Olam

Our first day in the Golan Heights kicked off strong with a short hike to a waterfall. We then headed to our Jeep tour near the Syrian border and Mt. Ben Tal. The teens loved the Jeep tour – especially our guides who were charismatic and informative. That evening we experience the Druze culture for dinner at their village. Will S., Minnetonka, MN, was really interested by the Druze beliefs in reincarnation and all of the crazy stories of young people with knowledge of past lives. 
Wednesday was all about tikkun olam.That morning we met Arab Israeli teens to learn more about their life, viewpoints, and backgrounds. Many of the teens had interesting conversations that made them realize we are more similar to people than we are different. Later, we volunteered at a small non-profit food pantry that’s been feeding and supplying valuable services to the city of Karmiel for decades. 
On our way to Haifa we stopped at the Bahá’i Gardens for breathtaking views and a few photos.In Haifa, we visited a local farm to learn about agriculture in Israel and offer our help. We trimmed olive trees, which surprisingly a few of our teens (especially Leo B.) were fantastic at! Maybe a few will help with yard work when they’re home? We finished off the day with a tour of a former detention center for Jews while the British were in control of Israel and surf lessons in the Mediterranean Sea. Many of our participants loved learning to surf and a few had quite a knack for it, especially Drew K., Minnetonka, MN.
Our trek South began with a stop in Caesarea, the ancient Roman Port. The teens soaked in the ocean views and enjoyed a mock “gladiator” fight from Will S. and Adin Z in the old colosseum ring. 
Finally, we reached Tel Aviv! We explored the Jaffa markets and are at the famous Dr. Shakshuka. Matthew R., St. Louis, MO, said that this was the best meal of the entire trip! Our afternoon featured a guided tour of Independence trail and an Aroma stop (obviously!).  

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