Israel Journey #4C: Friendly Competitions

On our first Friday in Israel, we went to Neot Kedumim, a nature reserve that takes care of Israel’s land and teaches about what the land was like during biblical times. Although there were a few team building exercises, our group’s favorite was goat and sheep herding! While working together, the teens had to lead the goats and sheep into certain areas of the pasture. Jane K., Westport, AUS, said, “We all collectively strategized on the Wikipedia page about sheep herding and it said to lead them with food. So we tried that, and it worked! It was such a fun time.” 
After our delicious lunch, we set off for Kibbutz Afik for a relaxing and spiritual Shabbat. We celebrated Shabbat with tons of rest and rejuvenation time. In the afternoon, we won capture the flag against Israel Journey 4B and in the evening, we reflected on our relationships to Judaism and Israel with a fun, “Larry David” themed program. Ben B., Minnetonka, MN, told us, “Shabbat was awesome. It was a great chance to reflect on my Jewish identity.” Then after Havdalah, we danced the night away on a cruise on the Kineret.
Tzfat was our teens favorite stop in Israel so far! We visited Avraham Lowenthal, a Kabbalistic artist, who explained only a small piece of the Jewish mysticism tradition. Sadie E., San Mateo, CA, said that, “Everything that he said was just so eloquent and incredibly right. I was just eating it up.” And then Jackson S., Minnetonka, MN, told us, “I thought it was interesting to hear about a less traditional side of Judaism; Kabbalah seems to read more between the lines, which fascinating to me.” Basically, we have several new Jewish meditators in our group!
We then explored the artist avenues and ate some traditional Yemenite food during our free time exploring the spiritual city of the North. As Ben S., Lithia, FL, said, “Tzfat hit the spot.” We ended the day with rafting down the Jordan River and a pizza party!  

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