Israel Journey #4B: Teenager to Teenager Interactions

“On Monday, we met with kabbalistic artist Avraham Lowenthal and he taught us the basics of deeper spiritual meaning beyond the Torah. He showed us different pieces he has crafted and I even bought one to bring home with me!  Later in the afternoon we went shopping around Tzfat and I bought some gifts for my friends and family. We tried Yemenite food for lunch and it was unlike something I’ve ever tasted. It was a great day and Tzfat was beautiful!” ~Sydney R from New Jersey
“Good morning to all families! I simply can not express over email how much fun our trip has been. Not to mention, we still have 12 more days of being with our new best friends, with many more beach days to come and a hike of a lifetime; Masada. Yesterday was one of my favorite days we have had. We started out with a nice breakfast. We then had the opportunity to go pack lunches for the poor. This was eye opening and an experience I know I will never forget! Afterwards we had lunch, which was schwarma. This was SO. GOOD. Next up, we went to an Arabic high school. We got to meet up with teens our age and we had the amazing opportunity of getting to know each other through games and asking LOTS of questions. We then headed to the mall which was a good break from the sun. We are are so exited for the memories to come. We are having the best time ever!” ~Julia G. 

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