Israel Journey #4B: Teamwork

We started the day off on Friday at Neot Kedumim Biblical Park, where we had a great time doing leadership workshops in our groups and even got to herd sheep! The challenges given to us by our tour guides helped us to learn to work together and solve problems as a team. We then took part in a great tradition: the tree planting ceremony. We all did the selfless mitzvah of planting a tree for the future generations, and our trees will live on in Israel long after we depart. We then set off on a long but beautiful bus ride up to the Galilee and finally arrived at the kibbutz. We prepared for our first Shabbat in Israel- something very meaningful for all of us. We had a Kabbalat Shabbat service and settled in for a relaxing next day.-Sam Savitt
On Shabbat, we all slept in late and felt rejuvenated! We played capture the flag against Bus 4C. During free time, most of us went to the pool and played basketball!  We celebrated Havdallah, then hopped on the bus to go to a boat cruise on the Tiberias River!
Here are two explanations from our teens on our fun day in the Golan Heights on Sunday, July 14th.
This morning we woke up and headed straight to breakfast (the pancakes were a favorite by everyone). We then hopped on the bus and headed to the start of our jeep tour around the Golan area. We were all so excited to get started we practically raced to the jeeps! We went all around the Golan, heading up and down the mountains and taking a few breaks for mini lessons and watermelon! After we said goodbye to our awesome jeep drivers, we drove to Mt. Ben-tal and took in the breathtaking view of the valley separating Israel and Syria. After a quick stop at the summit for coffee, souvenirs, and pictures we worked our way back down the mountain and were off to the Nahal Jilaboo canyon! Before arriving we stopped at a little park for lunch; PIZZA! Once at the canyon, we hiked through an amazing trail filled with crystal clear creeks, huge trees, and eye-catching flowers. For dinner we traveled to the Druze village for a homemade dinner and an interesting Q & A with a local! We’re off to bed with an awesome day awaiting us tomorrow! Can hardly wait! -Alex
I  had a really fun day today! We woke up and had breakfast then all loaded as a group onto the bus to head to our jeep tours. I had an amazing group and we all had so much fun. Our tour guides name was ofir and he gave us such an amazing experience. It was meaningful to me to go through the bunkers and see the Syrian boarder. We had watermelon and drove back and then bussed to a coffee shop. Then we went on a beautiful waterfall hike and ended the day in a minority community and had a homemade dinner. the drive back was beautiful and I loved being the food :))-Ava Balfour 

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