Israel Journey #4B: Come Together

Hi team,
Here is our first post of the trip:
We hit the ground running this morning at the ancient biblical park! We physically and literally seeded our roots in Israel when we planted oak trees. We got to Shepard goats and sheep like in biblical times and learned a lot about working as a team and building leadership skills. We then drove to Jerusalem but before entering the city we stopped at a viewpoint to say the Shehecheyanu, a blessing you say anytime you experience something new. For some of our teens, it is their first time in Israel while others are having the chance to see it again with a new lens. It was truly an amazing view! Then we got a taste of the old city when we went into the aqueducts under the City of David. The water ranged from our ankles to our thighs with narrow tunnels but we survived. We are so excited to go back and do more in the old city tomorrow!
Even though we are really tired from all the jet lag, we are pumped for B’Yachad, the BBYO party with all the Israel trips.
Can’t wait to tell you all about it! – Allie, Becca, and PJ    

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