Israel Journey #4A: Moving North

On Friday we ascended from Jerusalem towards the Golan Heights.  We checked into the Ortal Kibbutz and we were all amazed by the beauty of this Kibbutz and this part of Israel.  It was much cooler and much quieter than the other parts of Israel we had been to so far and it was amazing to see the stars.  We spent our first Shabbat together enjoying the peace and the cooler air and we all began to get to know each other. We spent Saturday relaxing, exploring and learning about the kibbutz.  Then we went out for a night on a cruise on the Sea of Galilee where we got to dance with all of the other groups from BBYO. The next morning we left to explore the Golan Heights and hiked down to a waterfall. The water was refreshing and it was relaxing to sit under the waterfall.
We then went offroading on jeeps where we went to an IDF bunker and saw the Syrian border. We talked with the Israeli driver of our jeep about the area and the situations with Israel and the Middle East. It was very interesting to learn from an Israeli who was in the army and had first-hand information from working with counterterrorism.  I found it very intriguing to view other parts of the Middle East and learn about countries such as Lebanon and Syria being in the safety of Israel. We then got to broaden our view as we traveled up to the top of the mountain and saw views of mountains stretching for miles. We finished off our day by driving through winding mountain roads to a Druz village and learned about their culture.  The scenery of that area was breathtaking and I never knew Israel was this beautiful.- David Spielman   

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