Israel Journey #4A: Kabbalah, Shopping, & History

On Monday, we started off the day in Tzvat by talking to Avraham Gottlieb a Kabbalah artist. It was very cool to learn about a different take on Judaism and how he could intertwine his faith with his art to create something so beautiful and meaningful. Then we headed to the old streets of the city to do some shopping and have lunch. There was so much pretty jewelry and tons of good food. We really enjoyed lunch on Monday because there were so many options for authentic Israeli food to choose from. It was also a good experience to be able to attempt bargaining with the shop owners. Then we headed to the Jordan River for rafting. It was very calming and really fun to try to race with our friends in other boats. At the rafting place, there was also a ropes course and rock climbing. Some of us decided to chill and eat ice cream instead but we all enjoyed being outdoors. 

On Tuesday, we started our day early at a farm doing some light work and helping out Israel. We also played some games that helped us see why doing such a little task helps so much with the Israeli economy and agriculture. Although this wasn’t the most fun thing we’ve done, we learned a lot. After, we went to Atlit where we got to see where the immigrants of the Holocaust were held while they waited to be let into Israel/Palestine. It was very meaningful to see how the Jews before us got treated and what they had to go through just to start their lives in Israel. We felt as though we were taking a trip in their shoes. Especially when we got to take a tour of a boat similar to the one that some of the Jews may have come on, and experiencing the conditions that they had to live in. We ended our day with the most fun activity of all and went to Nirvana beach in Haifa and took surfing lessons and chilled on the beach. We got to eat some really good falafel and shawarma for dinner and we all took pictures of the beautiful beach sunset. We are really excited to meet some Arab-Israeli teens today!! We are having the best time in Israel!!-Alex and Lexi 

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