Israel Journey #4A: A Day of Relaxing Before a New Adventure

On Friday night we all got ready for Shabbat.  We congregated in the lobby of the Kibbutz to take pictures in front of the beautiful view of Jerusalem. After the photography session we gathered with the other Israel trips to welcome Shabbat. Then we walked to dinner with our friends, and we were ready to eat. The blessings were read, the grape juice was drank and bread was eaten. Then we dove into a delicious Shabbat dinner. After we were stuffed with food, we headed back to the lobby to be told a story about travel and life, by a very experienced man. It was very interesting. At that point everyone was thoroughly exhausted and we went to bed. Saturday was filled with soccer and basketball, swimming and card games. We all ate  lunch together and we were lead in an interactive discussion about what it means to be a good Jew. Then we hung out at the pool or took an afternoon nap for the rest of the afternoon on Saturday. It was a very necessary day of rest because we’re so busy every other day. After a fun filled havdallah and dinner, we all loaded onto the bus and headed to the mall. It was a great chance to buy clothes, food, and fun things and to hangout with our friends. After about an hour at the mall we headed back to the kibbutz and went straight to sleep. That brings us to Sunday where we woke up early and loaded up the bus for Eilat. We started our day at an archeological site and helped dig up old pottery and charcoal from hundreds of years ago, it was way cooler then it sounds. My favorite part was the crawling cave, which was a candle lit cave which, you guessed it, we crawled through. It was incredible! Then we loaded back onto the bus and went to eat a traditional Ethiopian lunch and learn about the Ethiopian Jews. Then we were off to Eilat! We stopped along the way to go and get snacks and ice cream, and after 6 hours of driving (that we all slept through) we arrived in Eilat to the beautiful red mountains and a dinner waiting for us. We enjoyed ourselves on the Eilat boardwalk where we got to people watch, so more shopping, and go on some rides. We can’t wait for our day on the beach tomorrow and to go back to the boardwalk tomorrow night!

-Ruby Winer

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