Israel Journey #3 Plus: Surfing & Service

We are having an amazing time in Israel exploring more of the land and culture every day. Since we last sent an update, we went to the spiritual city of Tzfat where we were awed and inspired by an artist named Avraham (aka Robert, previously of Detroit). The Jordan River carried us across the North as we struggled to paddle as a team and pass a waterfall.  After making it over the waterfall, we figured, why not try surfing?! On the beaches of Haifa, we persisted and persevered through many of our first surfing lessons, while the jellyfish enjoyed our tasty skin.  In the midst of all of our connecting with the land, we have been volunteering by sorting food and clothes for donation as well as learning about grape farmers and helping in the fields.  We are so excited to experience Tel Aviv in the coming days! -Caleb C. 

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