Israel Journey 3 Plus: Planting Trees & Reflecting at the Kotel

We are happy to report that we made it to Israel and are currently in Jerusalem. We had a long flight (10 hours to be exact), then touched down in Israel on Wednesday morning to begin a full day of activities. We went to the Biblical Park near Tel Aviv where we did team building activities using real-life biblical examples. We herded sheep as a team from one location to another, teaching us about the value of communication. We did an obstacle course and dubbed the line “teamwork makes the dream work.” And much much more. We concluded the park by each planting a tree to come visit in the future.

After, we headed to Jerusalem and saw a beautiful lookout of where we will be exploring in the next few days, did a toast, and finally arrived at the hotel to do evening activities. Today, we traveled around the Old City of Jerusalem all day. Since it is the Fourth of July, we began a color war between the group. (Red, White, and Blue to be specific)! We learned about the history of the incredible city, saw amazing historical monuments, and experienced the Kotel. 

We have some notable quotes about the Kotel below that truly defined today:

“So many Jews just like me and not like me at all have been to that exact same place -Aline”

“The other side I felt a spiritual connection bc I felt close with gd – Jonah”

“With the music and the praying- and then I touched the rock and I was like wow- I felt a lot more connected – Harry”

“I felt more of a cultural connection than a spiritual connection- everyone coming here and moving here- it is such an important part of our culture -Harper”

“When I go to the wall I don’t feel necessarily closer to gd but if Judaism and the Kotel weren’t important to me than maybe I wouldn’t care as much but this represents all the people that have struggled and fought for us to get here. Because it is so important to everyone, it is an important time -Daniel” 

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