Israel Journey #3 Plus: Elective Week

Since we last wrote, we were just getting started on our elective week. It’s been a week filled with ups and downs for many of us (literally for the Sea-to-Sea group), and many of us could use a nice long shower. But, it’s been an incredible experience learning about ourselves and those around us in ways we never have before. Our Gadna group has learned about the value of respect and hard work – some of us cleaned the kitchen for 3 hours be other day! Our volunteering group has learned about Tikkun Olam, and the importance of giving back. And our Sea-to-Sea group has seen Israel in a whole new way. 
We are excited to spend a weekend of Shabbat winding down, and want to leave you with a few quotes from our group about the week:
“Hot, sweaty, gross- but worth it!” – Harper
“So much sweat, so little cleanliness.” – Aline
“I thought Gadna would be so hard, but after being here and forming a ‘family’ with my unit, it was an unbelievable experience and that I wish every has the ability to do.” – Adina
“The ratio was not quite right.” – Daniel N.
“I guess they don’t serve ham and cheese sandwiches here.” -Kegan 

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