Israel Journey #3 Plus: Byachad- Coming Together

The past few days we made our way from the north to Tel Aviv! We got to meet and talk with Arab teens finding connections in musical tastes and sports while hearing more stories about what it is like to grow up in Israel. This morning we stepped back in history exploring Caesarea’s ancient amphitheater and the ruins of King Herod’s palace before making our way to Tel Aviv.  After a delicious shakshuka lunch, we went on a walking tour of the city learning how the many buildings around us came to be.
Tonight, we ended our evening coming together as a community with all of the other BBYO Passport programs for an event full of carnival games, music, and dancing! We are looking forward to spending Shabbat by the sea in Tel Aviv!
“After visiting Tzfat and volunteering, I was able to see Israel from another point of view which was mind opening and an amazing experience“ -Adina

“It was very cool to meet with the Arab teens. It allowed us to see Israel from another perspective, and honestly was just very interesting to see how their lifestyles were different from the average Israeli teens’ lifestyle.“ -Leo

“A highlight for me was seeing how modern Israel functions and really being immersed in the cultural aspect as a whole in different parts of the country.” -Ben
“Yesterday, immersing myself into another culture with teens my age made me realize that no matter the differences of our language and religion we can all relate to the same topics and issues.  Byachad tonight was very eventful and really showed what Israel is all about- overall a great experience” -Yelli

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