Israel Journey #3 Plus: A Vibey Day

After a short sleep in the Bedouin tents under the shining sky of the Negev, we woke up at 4am and went to Masada. We walked up the trail and when we arrived to the top it was amazing. The view was breathtaking, we could see the calm Dead Sea, the mountains of the Negev, Jordan, the Roman camps from thousands of years ago, and of course all of Masada. Next, the real show began: the sunrise. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. Slowly, the sun started emerging from the horizon, the Dead Sea. The sky turned from dark blue and purple to bright blue exposing all of the mysteries that Masada has to hide. Then, we explored the site, went into the palace, discovered its’ history. After, we went to the Dead Sea and enjoyed some free time at the beach. We covered ourselves in mud and went into the sea. It was warm peaceful although slightly hurtful because of all the salt. As we Americans would say, it was a really vibey day. 

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