Israel Journey #2B: Walking Through (& Under) History

Hi everyone! We have had a very busy first day in Jerusalem! We started in Neot Kedumim, which is a biblical park, where the participants herded goats, planted trees and used an old well! The scenery was beautiful. The tour then headed to the Hass promenade, where we welcomed the tour to Israel, reciting the Shechayanu prayer, kiddish and singing Hine MaTov arm in arm, where we looked over the city of Jerusalem. Next on the agenda was the water tunnels underneath Jerusalem, which was a refreshing and historical experience!
We then walked over to the Kotel, which was a touching experience, especially for the participants who had not seen it before. They wrote notes to put into the wall, and had time for personal reflection, before gathering in small groups to share personal experiences. The final activity for the day, was another tunnel adventure, this time at the Kotel, where we learned about the historical past of the temple and its walls. Although it was a busy and tiring day, everyone had a great first day, moral was high and there were smiles all round! 

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