Israel Journey #2B: Party & Reflect

These past few days have been amazing. On Friday morning, we explored the Old City in Jerusalem and enjoyed a packed lunch at the park. After that, we traveled north and settled in at our Kibbutz overseeing the Kineret! We welcomed our first Shabbat as a group by lighting candles followed by a service that included singing. After dinner, the kids and staff had the chance to get to know each other a little better during a “friendly speed dating” activity and time to hang out and chill enjoying the night breeze.
On Saturday morning we walked to explore the first kibbutz that was built, where everyone had the chance to spend some time with the cows and learn about how the Kibbutzim came to be. After lunch, we had Shabbat storytime followed by time outside to play sports, relax and bond as a group. We finished Shabbat by celebrating Havdalah and hopped on the bus to meet another BBYO group at a boat party!
On Sunday, we started the day exploring the old city of Tzfat where we had the opportunity to meet an artist who studies the Kabbalah. The teens were very engaged, asked a lot of questions and were very involved with the topic. After that, we went rafting, zip-lining and some climbed into a rope adventure course. We finished the day with warm pizza and reflection activity. Till next time!

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