Israel Journey #2B: Israel… One Place… Many Cultures

We are having an unforgettable trip and can’t believe that already one week has flown by!

Yesterday, we ascended to the Golan Heights on an adventurous water hike through the Daliyot River. We then traveled to a nearby Kibbutz where we had a warm pizza lunch on the grass surrounded by plum trees, followed by some free time to grab some snacks at the grocery store. After we refueled, we embarked on an off-road Safari style tour in open land rovers where we traveled up the Golan through fields and rocky dirt roads. What a ride! We ended the tour at an old Syrian army intelligence building where we had a very informative session about the history behind the conflict in the Middle East. Everyone engaged in discussion and was intrigued to find out the source of this long and continuing conflict. After the tour was over, we stopped at Mount Ben-Tal to take in the magnificent view. We ended the day with dinner at a Druze house in Ein Kinya where we learned so much about the Druze, their culture, religion and most importantly their yummy food!
Today, we started the day by meeting the people at Shomer Hachadash and learning about the agricultural fields they work on, before contributing to the land by helping clear out unwanted weeds and roots. We then had lunch at Golani before traveling to Atlit. At Atlit, we learned about the struggle Jews had when fleeing from the Holocaust and how they were able to overcome their obstacles with the help of the entire nation. We entered old ships and old barracks and tried to imagine the situation as it was. To lighten the mood, we traveled to the beach where we learned how to surf, swarm in the Mediterranean ocean and walked on the beach before eating falafel and shawarma.
Hopefully, our pictures (more being posted tonight!) will give you a taste of this amazing experience. We look forward to sharing more unforgettable experiences with you.
B’Ahava (with love),Israel Journey 2B  

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