Israel Journey #2B: Fun in the Sun & in the City

We can’t believe that we are almost reaching the final days of our journey! This trip has been a life-changing experience and we can’t wait to tell you about the past couple of days!
Making our way down south, we reached the most southern point of Israel-Eilat. There we got to enjoy a day filled with water activities such as snorkeling with exotic fish and partaking in water sports like banana boating and kayaking in the Red Sea. Drying off was a breeze in the desert heat! We then made our way to Israel’s magnificent Red Canyon for a breathtaking hike through the desert canyons. Our following day started by rolling down the sand dunes and learning about the agricultural significance in the desert. We learnt how Medjool dates serve as the most important source of economic growth in the region. In the afternoon we floated effortlessly in the Dead Sea and camel rode our way to Kfar Hanokdim where we spent the night in a tent with the bedouins. 
The next morning we woke up at the crack of dawn and made our way to Masada where we hiked up before sunrise. The view was for sure one we will always remember! We toured the fortress and learnt about its history, before making our way down to have breakfast. As the sun rose, it became hot so we made our way to the waterfalls of Ein Gedi to cool off! 
Finally, we ended the night walking down the famous Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. Yesterday, we started our day visiting Yad Sarah – the biggest volunteering organizations in Israel and the first organization in Israel to be recognized by the United Nations. There we discovered all the help that is given to the people of Israel by providing medical resources and equipment to everyone who needs it, free of cost. We then made our way to the Mahane Yehuda market where we experienced the market life and sat down for lunch. A great speaker from Women of the Wall joined us for an open discussion, where the teens were very engaging.
We ended the night with a BBYO B’YAHAD event filled with fun carnival rides, BBQ food, henna and lots of dancing!!

Hopefully, our pictures (more being posted tonight!) will give you a taste of this amazing experience. We look forward to sharing more unforgettable experiences with you.

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