Israel Journey #2A: Meeting New Friends… Learning New Cultures

We started off July right with an adventure to the beautiful city of Tzfat. The day started with breakfast at the kibbutz.  We drove about 45 minutes to get to Tzfat. All of us were so excited to meet the artist. He spoke to us about spiritualism and details about the deep level of Judaism. He showed us how he portrayed that spiritualism into his art.  Our group got to explore the market with many unique places. We used this opportunity to bargain for items we wanted. We all got some awesome items from the market!  

When it was time to leave we were very excited to go to the Jordan River where we went rafting!. It was a great experience. We got to talk to some of the Israelis who were on other rafts and learned more about Israel.  After the rafting, we had the opportunity to do a ropes course, some zip-lining, rock climbing, and archery!  We had fabulous homemade pizza at the rafting place. At the end of the day, we spent time calling our parents, hanging out with each other, playing cards and packing up for the next kibbutz! -Lindsay Rothma

Hi! My name is Marla Stein and I am writing what we did this amazing, fun-filled day! Today, July 2, we ate breakfast at the Kibbutz Ortal Guest House which is the place we have been staying at for the past 3 nights. We drove from Galilee to Haifa which was about an hour drive. We volunteered at a food organization and helped pack up bags of vegetables with teenagers that work at Pitchon Lev for families in need. After, we drove to a nearby high school and had an amazing experience of meeting Arab Israeli teens with the Galilee Foundation which was amazing!  Our group got to meet such great people that will do such amazing things in their lifetime as well as everyone else on Journey PLUS! Did you know that 1 of 5 Israelis are Arabic? That is 20%! We learned this during a talk with a tour guide in the high school which was very interesting to me.

We then drove to eat lunch and walk around. I got Aroma coffee which is my favorite coffee in the world, it’s so good! We got schnitzel for lunch, it was my first time having it but the schnitzel was amazing. We walked through Haifa and went to Baha’i Gardens which is the most gorgeous place you will ever get to see, it was breathtaking. We went to our hotel, ate dinner and brought our laundry downstairs so the laundromat can clean it!  At 9:00 PM we all sat outside and went over how amazing this day was. From speaking to Arab Israeli teens to seeing the most beautiful view, today was just as amazing as the rest. Now… I can’t wait for tomorrow! Thank you ! -Marla Stein 

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