Israel Journey #2A: Beauty, Service, & Civics

These past few days, in my opinion, have been one of the two most exciting days of the whole trip. One of the biggest highlights was climbing Masada. The group woke up at 4:30 AM sleeping previously from a tent and journeyed our way to watch the sunrise on the top of the mountain. Later after cooling down we visited the En Geti waterfalls where we could take a nice relaxing dip in the water and enjoy ourselves. Later Wednesday evening we were able to go to cinema city where the group was able to have ice cream and walk around the mall.
On Thursday, we visited an organization called Yad Sarah, an organization that provides medical equipment for people in Israel for a low deductible and when the people has no need for the item they can return the equipment to their local Yad Sarah store and get their money back. An interesting place that involved six thousand volunteers and funded only through donations. The best part of this organization is their idea of inclusiveness. They provide medical equipment for everyone lenient of their body type or activity they want to fulfill with it.
Later we took a personalized tour of the Knesset and learned about the Israeli government. We then heard from a lady who represents the organization The Women of the Western Wall. She told us their ideas about how their organization wants to provide women more rights when going to the western wall and becoming more of an equal.
That evening our group headed over to Tzuba where all BBYO Passport tours in Israel met up for a big party. There was dancing, food, rides, and more. Two amazing days spent great.~Hannah 

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