Israel Journey #2: Weather Changes

Our trip is off to a great start! Now that everyone is adjusted to the time difference and a little more settled in Israel! 

We started a beautiful weekend on Friday by exploring the old city of Jerusalem. We did a walking tour of the Jewish quarter and saw all the ancient history and beautiful old architecture. After lunch, we headed up north to the Golan Heights to ring in our first Shabbat as a group. We’re stating on a beautiful intimate kibbutz here in the Galilee. We’re on a mountain so we feel all the breeze and even need a sweater at night! Which is a great relief compared to the scorching heat during the day! We had a relaxing and special first Shabbat as a group. It was great to finally rewind, rest and have time to get to know everyone so much better.

On Saturday night we brought in the new week with a boat cruise around the Sea of Galilee! What an amazing first week we had. Can’t wait for all the amazing new adventures we have planned coming up!

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