Israel Journey #1 Save a Child’s Heart

We’ve had a jam packed last few days. On Wednesday we spent the day in Haifa exploring the city, learned about the Bahai Gardens and went to one of the best falafel stands in the North. We then spent the afternoon with surfing lessons on the beach and a nice dinner afterward watching the waves. We ended the evening with a meaningful program on Jewish identity and the future of Judaism.

Thursday we were up bright and early departing from Akko making our way down the Mediterranean coast. With a stop at Caesarea, we made our way to Jaffa port where we ate lunch at Dr. Shakshukah trying foods outside of our comfort zone. We then had time to explore before spending the afternoon at Save a Child’s Heart. Save a child’s heart is an amazing organization that gives children heart surgeries from all over the world and fully paid for. The group got the chance to play with children who were in recovery. They had such a great time before we made our way to the hotel where we said goodbye to our friends who went off for host family weekend.

We are looking forward to the Shuk and a very relaxing Shabbat in Tel Aviv! Shabbat Shalom from Tel Aviv!

Your Israel Journey #1 Staff, Andrea, Benjamin, and Zoe 

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