Israel Journey #1: Meeting People From Around the World

We have less than a week left, and everyone is starting to feel it. The kids are not only starting to talk about going home but they are talking about it with fear. They are starting to feel the end of the trip coming and with it a pressure to make the most out of what is left. Vocabulary such as experience, give it a try, last ___ in Israel, and I forgot to ____ are becoming more common. This is wonderful! If they miss something or wish they could do something more, all the more reason for them to come back and experience Israel again down the road. 
Monday was a fun day in Eilat for us, swimming, boating, tanning, snorkeling, and even some hiking early in the morning. We finished the day with a trip to the Yetvuta dairy farm kibbutz and had some delicious ice cream. Overall, it was a fun day in what Dolev (our guide) called the “Las Vegas of Israel.” Don’t worry parents, no gambling.
Tuesday was a bit more serious. We started the day with another early morning hike and fun at the sand dunes but had a tour of the kibbutz we were staying at thereafter. This was a wonderful experience for the kids, and they showed it through their myriad questions. Kibbutz Keturah is one of the few remaining truly socialist kibbutzim. It was difficult for the kids to wrap their minds around the concept of socialism working in a capitalist country or working at all, and they pushed the guides very hard with questions throughout the tour. I think they gained a lot from the trip, some even showed interest in living on a kibbutz, or asked if this model would be possible in America!
We then drove up to the Dead Sea, went floating, and made out way to Kfar Hanokdim where we had a Bedouin experience including Turkish black tea, camel rides, and a traditional Bedouin dinner. They are currently enjoying the social scene on the village, meetings kids from Montreal, the UK, Argentina, and all other places of the world. All of whom have come to Israel for the same experience they came for. Truly a wonderful way to connect.

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