Israel Journey #1: Art & Culture

As we start our last week in Israel, we have been heavily analyzing our time, purpose and goal here. We are pushing the kids to think more and more about why they came to Israel, and what they want to gain from this trip. We have started a google doc for them to write down their specific goals so that they can not only put their ideas on paper, but they can see their friends goals as well (all of this anonymous). We are really pushing the kids to make sure they get everything they want out of the last week. Shabbat was spent this week in Yaffo. Some of the kids went with family or friends for the weekend, while others stayed with us at the Hotel for a special Shabbat. We had a guest speaker, Ayal, who gave the kids a fun experience of an orthodox Shabbat. He shared his life story, lead us through some prayers, and guided us in some meditation.

On Saturday afternoon, we took a graffiti tour of the Tel Aviv neighborhood Florentine, learning about the different graffiti artists, techniques, and even some rules of the art. Kids took photos, and enjoyed the view, and even got the chance to do some graffiti of their own in the ‘playground’, a few alleys that act as a practice canvas for graffiti artists throughout the region. That evening we went out to the Azrieli mall and the kids did some shopping in the heart of Tel Aviv. After a late night, we were up for an early morning and a long trip down south.

We started the journey at Beit Govrim where we dug up some pottery from the time of the Maccabees and walked through some of their caves. We then went for an Ethiopian experience for lunch where the kids experience the Ethiopian bread and coffee ceremony, and tried their unique cuisine. Continuing south we worked our way to Sde Boker and learned about David Ben Gurion, and his vision for the State of Israel, and then Mizpeh Ramon, and looked out upon the largest Machtesh (erosion crater) in the world.

Finally, at around 7pm we made it to our hotel at Kibbutz Keturah, where we were greeted with a wonderful BBQ at the pool. The last week is a fun one with Eilat and the Dead Sea while also possibly the most meaningful with Masada, Mt. Herzl, and Yad Vashem. We are looking forward to finishing the program strong and on an incredibly meaningful note.

Shavuah Tov,

Your BBYO Passport Journey #1 Staff: Andrea, Benjamin, and Zoe 

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