ILSI: Electives in Tel Aviv

On Monday we had a full day in Tel Aviv. We had a choice of four different places to go-to for the morning. One group went to Haaretz, the longest-running paper in Israel and one of the major one’s today. We met editors and saw the newsroom while learning about the political situation in Israel from their point of view. Another group went to learn about the startup world that exists in Israel. They discussed bitcoin and some of the many startups that exist in Israel. The third group visited an organization called Dream Doctors. Their mission is to bring joy into the life of children in hospitals here. They dress up as clowns and bring games to play with the kids they visit. Our last group was with a group called BINA. They toured south Tel Aviv and learned about the situation of African refugees who reside here. Later in the afternoon we had free time on the beach and enjoyed the Mediterranean waters. The night ended with a presentation from the co-CEO of IsraAid, an Israeli humanitarian organization, as well as a lesson on Israeli dancing. 

Tuesday morning we started our journey down south to Beit Guvrin, where we explored ancient caves from the time of the Maccabees and helped dig at an archaeological site. Many of us found pieces of pottery or glass from thousands of years ago. Next, we visited with members of the Ethiopian community in Israel. We learned about their miraculous journey to Israel, and their place in Israeli society today. To end the day, we went to Nativ Haasara, an Israeli Musrara on the border with Gaza. We met with members of the community and heard about their experiences on the hostile border. Looking forward to seeing Sde Boker in the morning, the resting place of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion. Then afterwards, we be visiting the Bedouin community in Israel!  

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