Ambassadors to Bulgaria: дравейте

дравейте (Hello)! 

We are three days into our trip and have already experienced so much here in Bulgaria. After a long first day of travel for almost all our group, we have our legs back under us and are full speed ahead on our Ambassadors adventure. After landing in Sofia on Monday, we headed across the country to our first destination: the seaside resort city of Nessebar on the Black Sea. Nessebar is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea” and it did not disappoint. After some opening ice breakers led by our teen coordinators, Emily Kolodney (75th Anita M. Perlman International N’siah) and Dalia Kolova (23rd Regional Sh’licha of BBYO Bulgaria), we headed for a great day at the beach to enjoy the sun!
After our fun in the sun, we headed inside to learn more about each other and the different Jewish experiences that the diaspora has given us. Represented on this trip are teens from the United States, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia. All had exciting to things to share about their home communities and many began to bond over their shared experiences. The community continued to come together as we shared a traditional Bulgarian dinner of fish or cheese and a scenic walk around Nessebar. Today, we are off to Sliven to visit the Jewish community thereafter helping out with a community service project helping to clean the Jewish cemetery. We are looking forward to more time together as friendships across language and national origin form and we head towards an exciting Shabbat in Bulgaria.

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