Ambassador to Bulgaria: обър вечер

обър вечер (Good Evening)!

It is starting to set in that we only have a few days left in the beautiful country of Bulgaria and the teens are truly starting to grasp the gravity of the experiences we have had over the last few days. We spent Shabbat in the beautiful city of Plovdiv, as previously mentioned the European Union’s “European Capital of Culture” for 2019 and Bulgaria’s second-largest city. 

After some time taking group photos together, we headed to the Plovdiv Synagogue, a Sephardi synagogue in Plovdiv, to participate in service with the community. Teens got to experience services in a mix of Hebrew and Ladino, a Sephardi dialect blend of Hebrew and Spanish/Portuguese much like Yiddish. We then enjoyed a family-style dinner before enjoying the rest of Friday night together. Saturday lent itself to a late wake-up and a great Shabbat morning shacharit led by Shira Cohen and Dalia Kolova. Following services, teens participated in Shabbat electives coordinated by the teens: “God Talk”, a Jewish spirituality exploration led by Jordyn Lash and Emily Char and an introduction to the International Leadership Network led by Emily Kolodney, Mia Buchband, and Lindsay Sharman. 

Following Shabbat electives, teens participated in the final coordinator program that focused on their role as a global ambassador. After morning programming, teens explored the beautiful city of Plovdiv and the Kapana, the creative district of Plovdiv complete with street art and displays. We ended the evening with dinner and a Havdalah led by Grace Boresow, Carly Schwartz, Tatjana Stojkovic and Aleksandr Solarov. Teens ended Saturday with a dance party to close Shabbat.

Sunday and Monday were spent in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Teens toured Sofia and saw the JCC and the magic and wonder of the Sofia Synagogue, the third-largest in Southeastern Europe. The building survived the Second World War and is one of the most beautiful Synagogues in the world. Today, teens traveled south of Sofia for rafting on the rapids of the Struma River before concluding the evening with AZA and BBG Separates, where teens were inducted into the International Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the B’nai B’rith Girls. 

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