Due to the late night festivities on Ben Yehudah, we woke up slightly later on this joyous day. We began our Yom HaAtzmaut with very special J-Serve program. David Kramer founder of NU design and author of the book State of the Heart described to our teens the many incredible acts of kindness and charity in Israel that nobody talks or even know about. In fact, there are over 32,000 charitable organizations here and our state is truly one of “heart.” 

Following David’s presentation, our teens got the opportunity to work in bus groups on designing their own t-shirt that tells a story that is close to their hearts and souls. These t-shirts will reflect a charitable organization that our teens wish to support. On Saturday night, we will choose one t-shirt design that will be printed and sold to raise money for the selected charity. 
After the program was completed, we celebrated our International Shlicha, Emma Herman’s birthday. We then celebrated together all of the teens celebrating their birthday on the March on the Living. An extra special shout out to the Hermans for sponsoring the delicious birthday cakes for all.
After lunch we gathered in Kikar Safra for singing and dancing, after which we began the 2k walk to the Kotel. Although it was the second time in two days being at the Western Wall, our kids were still so excited to reach this holy site with the thousands of other Marchers. 

Following some more free time to do what our kids love more than anything else – SHOPPING. We went to Latrun to participate in the mega event. The mega event included mega amounts of food and mega amounts of music. The teens were partying away with other teens from so many places like Panama, Argentina, and Canada just to name a few. Even though we arrived back to the hotel close to midnight, it was worth it, because they had an MEGA time at the event.
We have a busy day tomorrow as our teens have a full day of fun before Shabbat arrives. 
Shabbat Shalom,Meir 

As I was wrapping tefillin at the Western Wall, I asked the rabbi how he can describe Judaism. He said Judaism is like Wi-Fi, everyone has it inside, you just need to tap into the connection by doing good deeds and commandments. I thought that was one of the coolest ways to describe our religion that I had ever heard.” ~ Noah Shore 

Spending Independence Day in Jerusalem was an experience I will never forget. The energy of the old city was palpable and I felt more connected to our Homeland today than ever before.” ~Aidan Jacoby 

“There is no feeling as powerful as marching forward in a sea of my Jewish brothers and sisters. We are marching forward in pursuit of remembering the past and embracing the future.” ~Juliette Wimpfheimer

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