Great news, everyone’s luggage has now arrived! Thank you so much for your patience, we are thrilled with how all the teens handled this situation. 
We are staying in the bustling city of Jerusalem, where the Yom HaAztmaut celebrations are in full swing. Our day began with a trip to the old city where we toured and learned about the ancient and contemporary Jewish history of that sacred city. We paused our tour to listen to the piercing sounds of the Yom HaZikaron siren. We stood at attention and silently reflected on all of the sacrifices that helped create and continue to defend the Jewish state. Together we stood and listened to a story and closed our moment together with a powerful singing of HaTikvah. 

Immediately afterward we made our way to the Western Wall where our teens were able to experience a very spiritual and uplifting moment. After just spending a week visiting so many sad and tragic walls of gas chambers and crematoria to be able to stand next to a wall of holiness and sanctity, a wall symbolic of Jewish glory and hope was a very powerful moment for them.  

In Jerusalem, I felt like I finally understood why Israel is such a necessity for the Jewish people. After everything I’ve learned in Poland, it was so powerful to go from a place of suppressing the Jewry to being in a place that celebrates modern Jewry.” ~Tali Grodetsky 
From there, we took turns exploring the King HeZekiah tunnels. Our teens loved this activity and also had a very educational experience. Of course we also let our teens do the thing that they love most – SHOPPING – in the old city. Finally, we made our way to Ben Yehudah street, where the streets were packed with Israelis and visitors, all cheering and dancing in the streets. The teens loaded up on Falafel and Shawarma and managed to frequent every vendor and Judaica store. It was fun seeing all the goodies they purchased and hearing about the great foods they tasted. Tomorrow is the second march. This joyous, festive parade will walk from the city hall to the western wall. I will tell you all about it afterward. 
Please view a special connection for one of our teens at the Kotel today here.

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