MOTL #6: Welcome to Israel

Your teens are doing great!  Their insights and impressions are really quite profound, and it has been wonderful sharing the past week with them. Although we arrived in Israel quite early yesterday morning, our teens hit the ground running. 
We landed early in the morning in Israel, and even without a good night’s sleep, our teens were excited and ready to spend their first day in Israel. We began our day at the beach in Sedot Yam, which was the home of Hannah Senesh.  
Following our trip to the beach, we spend some time in Tel Aviv exploring and sampling the wares of the Carmel Shuk and its environs. Finally, in the afternoon we were able to check in to our hotel in Jerusalem. Our teens were able to rest up a bit before participating in a moving and beautiful Yom HaZikaron (memorial day) ceremony in our hotel, led by members of the red bus. Our teens got a good night’s sleep last night, and are looking forward to spending Yom HaZikaron in the old city of Jerusalem. 
I also wanted to share with you how proud I am of our teens. Although we lost over 70 pieces of luggage and were delayed by an hour and a half because of the paperwork, our teens did not get upset or angry. They handled this chaotic situation with so much aplomb, patience, and calm attitudes. They were so respectful to all the airline officials and operators who were dealing with them, and it was truly a pleasure to watch. I believe they were far more calm and patient than many of the adults who had lost their luggage on similar flights. At this point, half of the luggage that was delayed has now arrived at our hotel, with the rest expected in the next few hours. We will let our teens know as soon as we have an exact time of its expected arrival. 

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