Western Europe Discover #2 – Update #4

Dear families,

Please enjoy these updates from Kendall and Rachel, teens on our trip!

Yesterday the group headed to the Edinburgh Castle by bus. We got free time to explore the castle on our own. We soon walked the royal mile over to an area with plenty of places to shop. Everyone had 3 hours for pizur lunch and to explore. My personal favorite store I went to was Primark. Around 4:00pm, we went to a Jewish kilt maker. He told us about the history of his family running a family business of kilts. His also makes kosher kilts. Around 4:45 we headed back to the college campus. Dinner was at the college and the rest of the night we hung out. Everyone went to bed after room checks which happened at 11:00pm since we left for the next day pretty early.

As we travel to Amsterdam via ferry, we crossed back into England to live vicariously through Harry Potter world at the Alnwick Castle. We arrived and began with a broom flying lesson, racing and flying just as high as Harry himself. Continuing with a tour of the entire castle, we learned about the history of the castle and took loads of pictures. As we wrapped up our time at the castle, we had pizur lunch and some time at the gift shop to pick up Harry Potter memorabilia. It was an afternoon well spent for the Harry Potter fans, including myself, walking in the same steps as Harry, Ron and Hermione. Although our time was short at the castle, we made memories here that will last forever. As we continue to make our journey to the ferry that will take us to Amsterdam, the bus ride will be filled with Harry Potter movies, including my personal favorite, Chamber of Secrets. Now, off to Amsterdam!!

More updates soon!

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