Western Europe #2 – Update #3

Dear families,

Please enjoy these updates from Maya and Morgan, teens on our trip!

On Monday we started off our day by walking through Glasgow, Scotland and doing some shopping. We then walked to a shul where we were given a tour by one of its oldest members. It is a conservative shul with around 400 members, of which only 40-50 attend each Shabbat. The nice elderly woman who gave us the tour explained to us that she had been going to that shul since she was 5, and that it was a special shul to her. She said eventually the shul would become a museum since the members are mostly in their 80’s and 90’s and its a far commute for them each Shabbat. After this we were given pizur money to buy lunch. Then we drove for 4 hours to take a gondola up to Fort William Torlundy, where the view from on top of the mountain was incredible. You could see all the fields of green and waterfalls off of the other mountains. I took some great pictures with some friends and we headed back down on the gondola. From there we drove to our next hotel, which was made up of small cottages connected to each other. We slept knowing that we would be getting up early the next day.
-Maya Harbater

After an early morning wake up and quick bagged breakfast on the bus, we drove to Fort Augustus. We parked the bus and walked to Loch Ness Lake, where we received our life jackets and a quick how-to on steering the canoes. After taking some pictures, we partnered up and began to paddle out onto the lake. Unfortunately we didn’t see the Loch Ness Monster, but our canoe instructors reassured us that she was there. We all managed to paddle against the strong winds back to shore, and we were given pizur money to go out to lunch with our friends. Many decided to have the traditional fish and chips, but others, like myself, were okay with chicken nuggets. After lunch, we jumped back on the bus to head to our next location, Edinburgh, Scotland. After a long drive through the mountains, we reached our hotel, received our new rooms, and spent time with friends in the hotel until it was time for bed.
-Morgan Ptaszek

More updates soon!

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