Western Europe #2 – Final Update

Dear families,

Please enjoy our final update from Sophia M., one of the teens on our trip!

The last three days of the trip have been spent in one of my new favorite cities, Amsterdam.
On Friday, we got off the overnight ferry and headed to the beach for some free time to swim and relax. We then headed to the Jewish historical museum which is full of Jewish history in general and in Amsterdam. It was both beautiful and interesting. Then, we walked to a nearby Portuguese synagogue and got time to explore and learn its history. After that, we headed to a Chabad house for Shabbat services and dinner.

The next day, we got to sleep in (which was very much needed) and then headed to a nearby park to do some final Shabbat activities which included a game of charades that allowed us to act out some of our favorite inside jokes and memories from the trip. Later, we headed to the incredible Anne Frank House (many tears were shed there) in which we were given time to explore and take in the meaningful experience. After that, we were given time to walk around. I got a LEGENDARY waffle with Oreos and Nutella! After that we walked to dinner and then a nearby park where my friends and I led the group in Havdalah to end Shabbat and the week.

Today, the last day, we drove to this amazing farm where we learned how to make clogs and we tasted many different types of cheese! We also got a chance to buy souvenirs (last minute, but still really good)! We then went on an amazing bike ride through the country side (in which my friends and I stayed in the back and sang early 2000s songs with the counselors while taking in the scenery). Later in the day we went to the Van Gogh museum and explored the beautifully organized (we love that) art galleries. I can’t remember the name of my personal favorite, but it was one of his last paintings that switched the colors of the ground and sky. To end the day, we went on a pancake cruise and passed out the paper plate awards we all made for each other as a final group activity.

These last few days in the city have been the perfect way to end the trip! I loved everything about it, but Amsterdam was definitely my favorite stop.

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