Trek Costa Rica #2 – Update #2

Dear families,

Please enjoy the following update from Lexy and Rylie, two teens on our trip!

On Friday we went canoeing on the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed a beautiful scenic view as we paddled to our destination: a hidden beach. When we arrived at the hidden beach we left our boats on shore and were able to swim in the ocean, snorkel, or play beach sports. This was such a great experience and helped us work together, considering paddling an 8 person canoe isn’t as easy as you’d think. We then bused to the senior citizens home. When we arrived, we were greeted and immediately felt a sense of warmth and kindness. Here we ate a delicious lunch and then talked with the seniors for a little while. Although the fact that they didn’t speak English was challenging, we were still able to learn about their lives and culture. Then we watched as they preformed different amazing dances and songs. At the end, we joined them, and even learned some new moves! Later that evening, we welcomed Shabbat at Shaare Zion Congregation. We walked through the doors and were all in awe at the beauty of the synagogue. After the service we walked to Rabbi David’s house for dinner. He and his family were so kind to welcome us into their home. For dinner, we ate burritos and even learned the correct way to fold them. The Rabbetzin made an amazing challah! After the tasty dinner we introduced ourselves to Rabbi David and his family and played some fun icebreakers. After an amazing and full day, we returned to the hotel, excited to sleep in the next morning for day a of relaxation.

Saturday was Shabbat, a relaxing day(well needed) hanging out with friends! The hotel we stayed at had many fun activities such as bowling, tennis, swimming, working out, etc! This was the first day but second night staying at The Costa Rica Hotel and Tennis Club. The hotel was very nice! We slept in on Saturday morning, which everyone appreciated! We walked to lunch at Rabbi David’s house. We were so happy that Rabbi David opened his home to us again. We had a great lunch at his house, and are so thankful for his hospitality. After walking back from Rabbi David’s house to the hotel, everyone had time to relax. That night we celebrated Havdalah with everyone singing prayers together! For dinner, we went to Sky Jump! We jumped for an hour or so, and finished with a pizza party! After Sky Jump we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Overall, Saturday was a fun filled day with lots of new memories made!

Sunday was an early morning waking up at 5:00am, and we were on the road at 6:30 to go white water rafting! We ate an original Costa Rican breakfast on our way! For most of us, this was our first time white water rafting. We hit huge rapids and got to jump in the water for a little. The water felt so refreshing! Once the two hour rafting was over we ate lunch at the same place. That night we had a shopportunity and pizur dinner Multiplaza Mall! Everyone had fun picking their own dinner place, and who doesn’t like shopping? Like all of our days here, Sunday was full of new adventures and unforgettable memories.

On Monday we drove to our first destination to an unfortunate surprise. Because of the heavy rains our hike was closed. We didn’t get to see that waterfall, but we know there’s another one coming up. Our guide, Aaron, switched our day and we got to visit an ox and cart factory. We learned about the timeline of ox and carts, and found out that they are still used in Costa Rica today. The people who paint the carts work really hard, and spend a lot of hours carefully painting them. Some of the designs were really pretty. That afternoon we went to a conservancy. We learned about the different animals there and we were all excited to see the Toucans!

On Tuesday, we started the day with a beautiful walk through a cloud forest, only this walk was different. We got to cross the forest using a series of hanging bridges. It was beautiful! After that, we enjoyed some free time in Monteverde, before heading out in the evening for a night time eco-tour. Even in the dark we were abtle to spot all kinds of insects, frogs and owls. It was a great end to a fun day.

– Lexy and Rylie

More updates soon!

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