Western Europe Discovery #2 – Update #2

Dear families,

Please enjoy this update from Javier, one of the teens on our trip!

We woke up on Friday morning and took The Tube to The Globe Theater, stopping to look at the architecture of St. Paul’s Church on the way. We toured the historic theater, and learned about it’s significance in London’s struggle for religious freedom. For lunch, we walked to an artisan market with a spectrum of different foods, from spicy curry to gluten free, caramel brownies. We headed back to the hotel to freshen up before making our way to Marble Arch Synagogue. We davened with the locals and welcomed Shabbat, afterwards eating some delicious Schnitzel. The next morning in the park right next to our hotel, we sat and discussed the different tunes we sing at home or camp when we daven. We then spent the vast majorty of the day inside the British history museum, seeing the Rosetta Stone and mummies in ancient Greece. On Sunday, we woke up early to get on the bus for the nine hour journey up to Scotland. Taking our lunch break in York, we were refreshed with some colder weather and were able to enjoy some of Britain’s famous tea.

More updates soon!

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