Western Europe Discovery #1 – Update #3

Dear Friends and Family,

On Thursday, we explored the Edinburgh Castle. We were just in time for the changing of the guards. We also got to see the Crown Jewels and some great views of the city. After the castle, we got to see some true Scottish culture as we walked the Royal Mile. We saw street performers, men playing bagpipes, and cashmere shops. We walked through the city some more, and then had free time for lunch and shopping. We got really lucky and had great weather. After lunch, we visited a Jewish kiltmaker. He explained how he got into the business, and what makes his kilts special. We enjoyed seeing some of the fabrics he uses and the kilts he has made. We headed back to the University of Edinburgh after that for a buffet dinner. Some chose to go on a hike after dinner to see the sunset.

The next day, we packed up and left the University of Edinburgh to head to Ainwick Castle. We saw the beautiful landscape surrounding it, and took pictures. We got to have a quidditch lesson and practice mounting and flying broomsticks. After, we explored the castle and the grounds. We then had a pizur lunch in the surrounding town, and then got on the bus and headed to Newcastle Port to board our ferry to Holland. When we arrived, we enjoyed a big buffet dinner and then the teens had free time. Many chose to see a movie in the theater on the ship, and then some played games in the game room. After an exciting evening aboard the ship, we woke up, had breakfast, and then got off the boat. Once back on the bus, we headed to the beach for lunch and relaxation. We had excellent weather. Many tanned, read books, played frisbee, and went in the water. After, we headed to the Jewish Historic Museum and the Portuguese synagogue across the street. We learned about the congregation that uses the synagogue, and about the history of the Jewish people in Amsterdam and outside the city. Afterward, we headed back to our hotel for showers and rest before Shabbat. We are excited to meet the Jewish community in Amsterdam tonight, and join them for services and dinner. We are looking forward to another exciting Shabbat, and to making the most of our last few days together.

Western Europe Discovery #1

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