Trek West #2 A & B – Update #3

Dear Families and Friends,

After a relaxing Shabbat at California State University of Northridge (CSUN) we started to head north. We made a stop at Will Rogers beach before heading off to Fresno. This was a bit of a trip but made a few stops along the way. After having dinner in Fresno, we set off to Yosemite which is where we were supposed to stay for the night. However, due to the forest fire to the west of Yosemite we had to turn back and stay in Fresno.

The next morning we created a new itinerary for the group which included going to a local mall and a hike through the Sequoias ending our afternoon stroll at the Sequoia National Lake. After our hike we headed to John’s Incredible Pizza which was an arcade with a buffet full of food! It was a great day for something planned so suddenly!

On Tuesday, Yosemite was clearer than the previous days and allowed us to have a picnic in the park. After our sun butter and jelly sandwiches we made our way to Tenaya Lake, also in Yosemite, which had a small beach and chance to swim. After we headed to Carson City, Nevada and had Pizza Factory for dinner! It was an early night as we had many activities planned for us the next day!

As for our last day in this update, we went to Lake Tahoe. Some of us took a hike, some went kyacking and others hung out on the beach. We then made our way to Squaw Valley which is where the 1960 Winter Olympics took place. We took the cable car all the way to the summit and had opportunities to shop in the valley. We then arrived in Vacaville where we are resting before our last stop, San Francisco.

Ali Leitner & the Trek West Staff

More updates soon!

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