Trek Israel – Update #5

Hello Parents and Friends!

Below is an update from Jonah Elman, one of the teens on our trip! Enjoy!

As I sit at the campfire during the 3rd and last night of our sea to sea hike, I feel very relieved. These last two and a half days have not been very easy, but the toughest parts are over. We hiked 6 miles on Monday, 14 miles yesterday, and another 6 miles today. We have hiked up and down mountains, next to rivers and streams, and right in the sun. Tomorrow we go to the Sea of Galilee, our end point. The group has been pushing through valiantly and persistently. Despite these difficulties, we have pushed through and are doing great! When we reach the Sea of Galilee the feeling of accomplishment will simply be unmatched. At the point we can say we have walked all the way from the Mediterranean to the kineret. Simply amazing!

More updates soon!

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