Trek Israel Update #2

Hello Parents and Friends!

Below are a few updates from our teens on the trip! Enjoy!

The kibbutz I visited, Kibbutz Lotan, was very interesting because of the house I stayed in, which was one of the very original. Kibbutzes are self sustainable, meaning they grow most of their food, and they clean their own water. It’s really intriguing how a Kibbutz functions. One thing that was very important was when Mr. Steven taught us what permaculture was. Meaning that most affective and efficient way to grow plants.
-Gabe Gothard

I knew that going to the Holocaust Museum was going to be hard for me before I stepped a foot inside the door. Even now as I write this, I struggle to find the words to put such a terrible thing into words that are comprehensible. What got to me the most was not just the fact that these people were being killed, but the systematic and complete disregard for humanity in which it was done along with the seeming vigor and excited willingness of German neighbors to execute their orders was disturbing. In the head of one of many perpetrators, a Jew was not a human, they were not an animal, they were like every single thing wrong with their life focused in a piece of meat and bone. One exhibit documented the March of special SS groups just going through cities through out captured territory and systematically killing all of the Jews in the town in the same way every time. Each death and entire life ended without a single care and just another number in the ledger.
-Ari Royce

The Holocaust is very important piece of Jewish history and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to visit Yad VaShem. When speaking about such a tragic time I believe it is important to speak about the “magic” that is life, and when speaking about life it is natural to talk about happiness as well as sadness. When learning about the holocaust, I did not leave feeling sad, I left feeling grateful for the happiness life brings.
-Jeff Luecken

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