Trek Israel #1 – Update #7

Hello Parents and Friends!

Below are updates from a couple of the teens on our trip! Enjoy!

Meeting with Israeli teens was fun and enlightening. We got to learn about kids from our age from a different country, and learn that were not so different after all. We met new friends, and made new connections.
-Aria Peterson

We went to the Israeli SPCA yesterday to volunteer with the dogs and cats. There were many animals that had been abandoned and we were excited to be able to give them some good company. We took the dogs out for walks and they got to explore which is something that they don’t always have the opportunity to do. In addition we got to see four puppies and their mother who had just been brought to the shelter. Being able to spend some time with these dogs and cats gave me a sense of happiness because these dogs don’t always get enough love and attention that they deserve. I am so glad I went and had to opportunity to help.
-Sam Sternburg

We went to Chesed Tzion. Chesed Tzion is an organization that packs boxes with food for needy families. We were split into two groups,one group helped pack the food and the other went to personally deliver them to the people. I was in the group that delivered the boxes. There were two people per box. One of the two people knocked and we are supposed to walk away but when I delivered one of the the boxes a elderly woman answered the door and she asked in Hebrew if I could put it in her house and I said yes and she had a big smile on her face and it made me feel good that I was helping someone that was less fortunate than me. Even if the woman had not known it was us that helped her, I’m sure she would still have been just as thankful.
-Chloe Grossman

So this morning we woke up early to go to breakfast and get on the bus to go to the farm to go squash picking. When we got to the farm we got off the bus and put our bags down and the guy gave us instructions on what to do. As soon as the guy was done explaining we got straight to work with picking the squash. This morning in only two hours we managed to pick two tons worth of squash in 5 crates which feeds about 500 families. This made me feel feel great that I was helping families in Israel and giving back to the community.
-Lewis Katz

More updates soon!

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