Trek Costa Rica #1 – Update #6

Hi Friends and Family,

Our adventure in Costa Rica will be tracked with our personal bus journal. The teens will each take turns submitting journal entries reflecting on our days. Please enjoy the following update.

July 19th

Today was a really good day. I had so much fun! It started off by everyone going in a boat and seeing all the really cool animals like sloths and monkeys. It was actually sunny (for once) so a few other girls and I were trying to tan on the boat!! After the boat, we had lunch and headed to the Baldi Hot Springs. The water was so nice and I had so much fun with my friends. We ate dinner and drove back to the hotel which was only 15-ish minutes from the hot springs which was really nice. For the rest of the night we just hung out laughing and having fun until we went to sleep. I definitely will remember this day for a long time, it was amazing!


July 20th

We started the day off by going on an hour and a half hike to a volcano. It was really interesting seeing the plants and rocks at the top and Aarón told us that’s where Spy Kids 2 was filmed! After the hike we went to our new hotel called Rancho Margot. We ate lunch and my friends and I were hanging out at the playground after and attempting to do the monkey bars. Night came and we all celebrated Shabbat. We all played a really funny game where people dressed up as “ugly bubbie and ugly zayde” and it was hilarious. Today was such a fun and interesting day.


More updates soon!

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