Trek Costa Rica #1 – Update #5

Hi Friends and Family,

Our adventure in Costa Rica will be tracked with our personal bus journal. The teens will each take turns submitting journal entries reflecting on our days. Please enjoy the following update.

July 17th

To start off the day, we experienced walking across the beautiful hanging bridges in the rain forest. The views were like nothing we had seen before, and we were so happy we got to see them. In between each bridge, there were short hikes in time to bond with more friends. Following the bridges, we went to an amphibian and reptiles exhibit and saw cool lizards, frogs, and snakes. After the day of exploring, we got back to the hotel and had a few hours to rest. In between those hours we played games with the entire group. Later that night, we went to a cloud forest to see nocturnal wildlife. We saw different bugs and animals using our flashlights in the darkness. After that, we went to dinner and then went back to our hotel. It was a great day 🙂


July 18th

Today, the first thing we did was check out of our hotel. After checking out, we headed to La Fortuna. Due to bad weather we were not able to swim in the waterfall. Instead, we went on a fun hike to still experience the majestic view of the waterfall. Before we went to the waterfall, we went to a farm and complete different challenges relating to the foods or plants that lived there. On the hike back up, we had to go up over 400 stairs. We definitely got our leg workout in. After the waterfall, we checked into our new hotel and relaxed before dinner.


More updates soon!

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