Trek Costa Rica #1 – Update #4

Hi Friends and Family,

Our adventure in Costa Rica will be tracked with our personal bus journal. The teens will each take turns submitting journal entries reflecting on our days. Please enjoy the following update.

*the rafting activity on 6/15 was cancelled due to road closures in Costa Rica*

July 15th
Today was pretty fun! We went to a waterfall and animal sanctuary and there were a lot of cool animals. I got to see a really cute goat and it kept standing up and licking the wood on the fence. I also saw two oxen and they wouldn’t stand up, they seemed really lazy. We also saw snakes and it was cool to read what they do to people when they bite. Then at night we went to the mall and I went with friends to the McDonald’s because we haven’t been liking the Costa Rican food. After dinner, we shopped for a little bit and then we got ice cream. Today was very fun and interesting just like every other day so far!

July 16th
We went down to an orchid farm and we learned about them. We were supposed to go swimming in a waterfall but we weren’t able to to go because of the rain so we went to the bird sanctuary. There was more than just birds there. At night we had dinner at a restaurant just a five minute walk from where we were staying.

More updates soon!

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