Trek Costa Rica #1 – Update #3

Hi Friends and Family,

Our adventure in Costa Rica will be tracked with our personal bus journal. The teens will each take turns submitting journal entries reflecting on our days. Please enjoy the following update.

July 13th
Yesterday we had an early start because we were leaving our hotel in Jaco and going zip-lining. We arrived at the place and were driven to the top of a tall mountain. We were then hooked up to long cables leading from one tree to another. There were 10 zip lines in total, each with different scenery and speed. On one of them we were even given the option to ride upside down! Then we got back on the bus and headed over to a senior citizen’s home. We played cards with them, entertained them, and attempted to converse with them (they only spoke Spanish, so it was a good time to practice). We also had lunch there, danced to Spanish music, and even sat in on a game of Bingo. After we left the home, we checked into our hotel in San Jose and prepared for Shabbat. We went to a nearby synagogue that had so much security and was quite large. After, we were invited to the Rabbi’s house for dinner. We were served tortillas to make our own burritos (DIY burritos!) we also ate really good challah and played games. After, we had to walk back to our hotel for 40 minutes in absolute pouring rain. Everyone got completely soaked but it was quite a fun experience. We got back to the hotel and went to bed.

July 14th
Today we were gifted the opportunity to sleep in until 11am. We were able to hang out the entire morning having fun at the hotel before walking over to the Rabbi’s house for lunch. We were served a variety of options and spent nearly 2 hours there before heading back to the hotel. The rest of the afternoon consisted of lounging around the hotel in the pool area, and playing tennis and basketball. We were told to get ready by 6:30 to meet downstairs for Havdallah. Then we took the bus to Sky Jump, a trampoline place where we ate dinner (pizza!!) jumped on the trampolines, and then headed back to the hotel for the night.

More updates soon!

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