Stand Up Thailand – Update #3

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Please enjoy updates written by teens on our trip!

Day 6- Chasing Waterfalls

We woke up in morning so excited for the surprise Sarah and Drew kept telling us about. We knew that we were going somewhere today where we needed swimsuits on. Most of us assumed it was a water park, so we were surprised when our vans pulled up to a stunning waterfall. We spent a couple hours climbing up and down the waterfall, taking pictures, and eating sandwiches our tour guide made for us. I really enjoyed climbing and sliding down the rocks, but it was a little scary. In the afternoon, we headed to our flight to Mae Hong Son. It was only a 45 minute flight so when we arrived at our hotel, we had plenty of time to swim in their whale-shaped pool before we headed to a really good dinner. After dinner, we hung out with our friends for an hour before going to sleep to prepare for our early morning tomorrow. Today was definitely one of my favorite days so far, and I am so excited for the community service we are doing tomorrow.
-Talia L

Day 7- A long neck Tribe

We woke up pretty early today so that we could get to the village from Mae Hong Son. I honestly didn’t mind the early morning since what we’re doing today in the village is for an amazing purpose! Since the village is in a very rural part of the city, we rode in our vans part way then hopped into pick up trucks through bumpy roads and rice fields to get there. When we got to the village, all the kids were very friendly in greeting us, and then they sang for us. We split into three groups; teaching, sports and building. My group began in the classroom with the younger kids, who were all so eager and excited to learn, which really amazed me. After teaching them some simple English vocabulary, we sang and danced with them, then we played games like Simon says and tag outside. For our last rotation, we began to help build a mushroom house, which will help provide protein to the kids and money to the village. Our first day in the village already felt pretty meaningful, and interacting with all the kids is so much fun. We finished off the day with hot springs and dinner, and then we began to plan for the next day of work in the village!

Day 8- A Fungus Among us

Today was our second day at the village. It was good to go back and see the kids again. Our building project is an on going process. We worked hard at clearing a path to the mushroom farm house. Cutting into the hillside and moved most of the dirt away by the end of the day. The hut is coming along well, where the only thing remaining is to add the roof and the sides of the hut. I was in a group with the oldest kids, ages 14-16 years old. We taught them to play American Football which was amazing at how quickly they picked it up. We explained the rules in the classroom and went out to the field to actually play. We loved teaching them the game and they loved having another sport to play. In the afternoon, we played soccer with the same group. Today was pretty intense working in the Village, luckily we had 4 hours of free time to relax when we got back. Dinner was at a nice restaurant and turned out to be the best dinner we’ve had in Mae Hong Son. Some rice, curry, spring rolls, vegetable soup and crispy chicken. After a night stroll around a beautiful pond we visited a Burmese style temple. Slightly different than the others we’ve seen since it was so close to Myanmar. We are super excited to see the mushroom hut complete and have a sense of accomplishment as a group.

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